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Apprenticeship Program

SRMG works closely with Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and their Apprenticeship Program.  This program provides training to SRPMIC Community members, employees and other individuals seeking certification as a journeyman of their chosen trade.  
As an apprentice with SRMG, you gain valuable real world experience whether learning to operate front end loaders in the Heavy Equipment Apprenticeship to learning many of the software programs needed to provide exceptional service to our internal and external customers.     


Q – You have been with SRMG for 5 months, what have you learned from the on the job experience?

A – First off, I would like to thank Community Employment for the opportunity to obtain my on the job training hours with Salt River Materials Group. In the beginning, I did not know much about this industry. With the helpful guidance from employees here at SRMG, I have grown to understand the business. I admire the determination and dedication employees have for the organization. It truly is a great company to be a part of. Everyone here has been supportive which made my transition easier. 

Q- What do you like about on the job work that you do?

A – I have learned to use computer programs like Freight Payables to enter received trucking invoices, using the OnBase Unity program to index tickets, retrieve tickets and obtain credits or debits, assist with the trucking report by cross referencing pay rates for each project number in the Command system, assist with preparing the weekly payment batch of received invoices, and efficiently operating the office equipment and directing incoming calls.

Q – What do you look forward to after your complete the program?

A – I enjoy the people I work with and provide support for. I take much pride in providing excellent customer service for the company. Once I complete the program I hope my knowledge of the business will compliment my career as an Administrative Assistant. Obtaining permanent employment within the company would be idea. I look forward to taking on more assignments and continuing my education involving administrative duties.
Philomen, Computer Apprentice, 2018
Q - You have been with SRMG for 5 months, what have you learned from on the job experience?
A - In the 5 months that I have been here with SRMG as a Scale Operator I have learned about weights and measures and how to ticket trucks. I also learned about the many uses and names of the materials that SRMG makes and sells throughout the area.
Q - What do you like about the work that you do?
A - I like the environment of working with my co-workers, if I have questions or do not understand something, they're always there to help. I also like the customers I have come to know, they are friendly and polite. 
Q - What do you look forward to after you complete your program?
A - I look forward to hopefully being hired here at SRMG or fining a job working as a Scale Operator elsewhere.
Tamie, Computer Apprentice, 2018